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We invite you to discover the new Jackpot levels, which are specially created for our players for maximizing the chances of winning. Based on the amount the player is betting, there are the following levels:

Shark Attack – city jackpot
Shark Bite – saloon jackpot
Baby Shark – saloon jackpot

The bigger the bet, the bigger are the chances of winning the jackpot!

  • Available at the following locations:
  • Str. Simion Barnutiu Nr. 67-69-71
  • Str. Gheorghe Lazar Nr. 36
  • Available at the following locations:
  • B-dul Iuliu Maniu Nr.1,
  • Str. Lacului Nr. 24, parter, Judet Timis
  • Calea Sever Bocu Bl. 308/B
  • Calea Martirilor 1989 Nr. 60