The 20 Million Game! Chase for Millions! -

The long awaited mega promotion has arrived!

The 20 Million Game!

Chase for Millions!

Duration of the promotion: 22 September 2022 – 13 July 2023

Prize pool: 20 million RON


Promotion based on cash prizes only! An avalanche of cash prizes of unbelievable size. Don’t hesitate and enter the contest… Chase for Millions! The 20 Million Game! 

The chances to win are varied, as follows:

• TOP 7/14 – Every second week, the first 7 players will receive a guaranteed prize of between 500 RON and 5.000 RON based on the points they accumulated.

Ticket drawings every two weeks – One ticket per 1000 points can be generated to participate in the draws, with a prize pool of up to 4.050.000 RON.

Stage draws– All non-winning tickets from previous draws are kept in a collection jar. These will also be included in the stage draw, with a total prize of over 2 million RON.

• Two TOP VIP event

o CITY TOP –  21-22 December – With prizes of up to 580.000 RON. All players will receive one ticket for every 50,000 points collected.

o FINAL TOP – Thursday, 13 July – A total of more than 3 million RON in jackpot prizes, to be handed out on an event like you’ve never seen before.