Recommend us to a friend


Good word, points bring!

Recommend us to a friend or more, and we’ll reward you.

If your friend gets a VIP card and plays the machines in the RedSeves rooms accumulating points on his new VIP card, you get 10% of his total accumulated points.

Rules of operation:

  1. All VIP players who bring a new player are eligible for the bonus.
  2.  The new player must not already hold another RedSevens VIP Card.
  3.  A current VIP player can bring an unlimited number of new VIP customers.
  4. New VIP player must be 18 years old
  5. Bonus points can accumulate up to two levels in a pyramid system, that is, if the player you referred brings another new player, you also receive 10% of the latter’s points.
  6. The reward points are equivalent to the points accumulated by the player, i.e. they are added to the points accumulated through their own play.