Refer your friend bonus -

REFER YOUR FRIEND BONUS and you will get rewarded!

Now it’s the time to bring your friends to RedSevens!

Bring a friend to register in our VIP program and your recommendation will be sincerely appriciated.
You will benefit 10% of the points your friend accumulating in their future plays at Redsevens.


  • All existing VIP players that bring a new player will receive bonus points.
  • The VIP player that brings a new player and registrates in our VIP program, will receive bonus points from the new player’s future plays
  • The share is 10%, which means that the player will receive 10% of the accumulated points of the new player, from his future plays, which will be credited in his/her account.
  • A player can refer the VIP program to an unlimited number of new people.
  • Only a person that was not previously registered can become a new player at RedSevens.
  • On the registration form of the reffered friend, it has to be mentioned the name of the player that recommended them. This means that we need to know which player is entitled to the bonus points.
  • The bonus points are equivalent to the points accumulated during the plays, which means they are constantly added to the player’s VIP card, according to the percentage mentioned in the rules.
  • The new player has to be at least 18 years old in order to be able to register.

For more details, please contact our employees from our saloons, or you can contact us on our social media platforms.