• Prezentare generală a promoției Now, Time to Win, Red Sevens

Now, Time to Win! - Red-Sevens.ro

Now is time to WIN!

The mega campaign most awaited is now here!

Now, Time to Win!

The new campaign revolves around the latest James Bond movie, No Time to Die. Both the events of the promotion and the grand prizes drawn are with the theme 007.

The promotion unfolds in 3 main stages:

  1. Basic stage
  2. TOP stage
  3.  ALL-In stage

1. Basic stage (11.11.2021 – 30.06.2022)

To participate in the promotion, you must have an active Red Sevens card. On the card, collect points by playing in our gaming rooms in your city. 1 RON = 1 point on the card. Each time you accumulate 1000 points, you can print a participation ticket. Tickets are collected in a ballot box and the winners of the prizes offered are drawn during the draws. After printing the tickets, the points are deleted and the collection can start again.

The drawings are organized every two weeks from the start of the promotion, and the final draws of the stages are organized only once, according to the draw schedule.

Based on the accumulated points, a ranking is made of the best players, who will benefit from the place they rank in the TOP stage. The ranking is made on country level.

During the basic stage, in addition to its draws and benefits, the ranking of the first 50 players to reach the top 100 players in the country is established.

The stage ends with a final draw in each participating city. The big prizes are 6 Land Rover Defender and lots of cash prizes.

2. Top Stage (01.07.2022 00:00 – 31.08.2022 24:00)

The basic stage ends with the announcement of the first 50 players, depending on the number of points collected in the previous stage. The TOP stage begins, and the game for the next 50 places in the TOP 100 continues. A player can have only one position in the top 100, so if in the next 50 players there is one who already has a place in the top 50 players, he remains in his first position and the place is occupied by the next player of the score obtained.

During the TOP stage, we organize drawings every two weeks.

3. All-In stage.

As a result of the TOP stage, the 100 qualified players will receive an invitation to the big event and a golden card on which they can collect points 3 days before the final and on the day of the final until 22:00. The first 10 participants who collected the most points will receive extra participation tickets as follows: the first receives 10 tickets, the 2nd receives 9 and so on and the 10th receives 1 ticket.

Tickets are placed in the ballot box before the grand prize is drawn.

The TOP 100 event will take place on September 9, 2022, Friday, at 19:00

From a prize category, a player can win only one prize. From the top prize categories, you can win another one. All drawn tickets are reintroduced into the ballot box, so that each player has as many chances to win the grand prize as he has accumulated through the number of points collected during the campaign.

The grand prize of this event from the end of the biggest promotion so far is an ASTON MARTIN DBX.  Exactly! It’s the car from the last movie with Secret Agent 007.