RedSevens Top Liga 2020-2021

RedSevens Top Liga 2020-2021

Promotional campaign period: 16th of July 2020 – 4th of April 2021
The big drawing: 16th of April 2021

At this national promotional campaign, all Redsevens 777 saloons are participating.

At ”RedSevens Top Liga”, only individuals, Romanian and/or foreign citizens, regardless of their residence, who have reached the minimum age of 18, have the right to participate.

This promotional campaign is exclusively for our active players that own a valid VIP card. With their VIP card, they can accumulate valuable points by playing at any slot machine available in our saloons.

The points can be accumulated on the VIP cards during the following period: 16th of July 2020 – 4th of April 2021.

At the end of the promotional campaign, we will calculate the total of points accumulated by each player and will make a final ranking. Based on the final ranking, we will choose the top 100 best players.

The top 100 players will have the chance to participate at the Big Drawing, using the personalized invitation we will be sending them, as an entry ticket.

The Big Drawing will take place on 16th of April 2021, from 19:00 o’clock at Deluxe 1 saloon in Oradea.


  • The big prize: one Mercedes G Class (1 winner) or 4 X 100.000 RON (4 winners)
  • Other prizes: 4 X 50.000 RON, 10 X 10.000 RON
  • Happy Hour at the event: 10 X 1.000 RON

For more details regarding the promotional campaign, please contact our employees from our saloons, or you can contact us on our social media platforms.